Me seeing a Nutritionist? I never thought I would. My partner had seen Caroline for a consultation and addressed some long-standing issues in a very positive way. I was intrigued, and agreed that I should go too. I was a little sceptical, but after my first session with Caroline, I was very impressed. She took time to understand what what my issues might be, and saw me as a person, with a genuine interest in wanting to help. Which she did, and she is so knowledgeable! It is still early days but already her advice has been effective. Highly recommended.
— Keith, Gloucestershire
I had two consultations with Caroline and was incredibly impressed with her knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism. She puts in so much time and effort to ensure that you have a completely personalised diagnosis and plan.
Each recommendation is discussed and thoroughly explained. One size nutrition definitely doesn’t fit all! We are all very different and she takes the time to work through that.
— Debbie, London
Caroline has a wealth of expert knowledge on the biochemistry of nutrition and everything she advised was backed up by peer-reviewed evidence. I was also impressed with the research she had done into my specific needs. She is kind, empathic and easy to talk to and is as expert in the ‘therapy’ as in the scientific aspect of the consultation. I really felt I was in good hands.
— Sophie, Worcestershire
I would just like to thank Caroline very much for her nutritional help.  I personally do a lot of exercise, but struggle to keep my weight under control, hence asking Caroline for advice.  She has given me a completely new way to eat, previously I was fixated by calories, which lead me down the path of eating processed food.  I now do not look at a calorie and eat fresh food the majority of the time.  I have had about 5 sessions with her, each session she has taken a scientific approach, has been very non judgmental when I have fallen off the wagon, and managed to get me back on track.  I now have more energy and love not having to be dictated to by calories.
— Lisa, Gloucestershire
Caroline‘s expert knowledge, advice and support really helped me to understand how, by making changes to my diet, I could improve my health, energy and wellbeing. I am so much better since following Caroline’s recommendations. I wouldn’t have got back to work without her.
— Niki, Worcestershire

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