The process of nutritional therapy, involves both of us, working in partnership, to develop a nutritional and lifestyle plan that suits your unique situation. I want you to feel empowered in the decision-making process as to the steps needed and to be able to take charge of your health.

I aim to provide information, explanation and guidance, regarding what is happening in your body, what factors may be contributing to the situation and how you can change things, so you can make informed decisions about your path forwards.

The Fold Therapy Centre

The Fold Therapy Centre

At the start of our working relationship, I will spend time on understanding your situation, identifying the key areas to work on and laying out the possible options. Our first meeting, therefore, focusses primarily on information gathering. We will discuss some ideas that you can put into practice immediately and the overall plan for the future.

At each meeting, we’ll discuss your progress so far and decide on your next steps. The action plan may include you taking some supplements or having some tests. (Please note that the cost of supplements or testing is not included in the consultation prices.)

See the Programs and Prices page for details about different options for structuring your nutritional therapy.

Consultations are held at The Fold Therapy Centre

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The Fold Therapy Centre, New House Farm, Bransford, Worcester, WR6 5JB